Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Life in luxor Egypt

Life in luxor is a continual of  

The Pharaos chariot is in the city  not sure what its doing here  or how it got here there is no draw bar attached so maybe they are going to have a chariot and bike race?

The sugar cane trike  could be a bit of a sore point  with the rider.

Good shade from the midday sun for this street dog

which trike you want one will put a spring in your movement.

The butcher had a new side of beef in not in the uk here what you see is what you get flies and all.

One of the strange things I find here is  people who go begging only do it cos some fool tourist will feel sorry for them and give them money, the real poor down and outs do not beg  because a local will always give them something like a cup of tea  or a breakfast or a pound to get his own. 

They think they can spell as long as it sounds ok