Tuesday, 30 November 2010

beach bum

children at heart,

life near and on the beach in alexandria egypt

Lifes a beach in Alexandria egypt

But not with google blogger, This is a follow on blog for Nilelife. as nilelife has used up the space quota again' so now I have 9 blogspot.
I am almost halfway through my tour of Egypt now I am staying for a few days with a friend in an area known as 6th October 10 Miles out of Alexandria,
6.30 sunup and there is always time for a cup of tea

here I am 200 yards from the beach,
and I am taking a respite from my travels for a few days, just to relax and do a bit of swimming and sunbathing,
there are more crows here than people as the summer season for the Egyptians finished 2 weeks ago the birds are left to clear up anything edible in the mass of garbage left on this paradise beach,
once one has waded through all the rubbish on the beach and got to the waters edge of the Mediterranean sea with its clear aqua water and white sandy beaches, its quite pleasant and one can dream of being on a clean beach on some distant Island,
looks like someone has lost their dream.
another one dreaming of the day of no more school.

and a couple totally engrossed with each other, or maybe a day off studies.

my pal Klaus having a day dream, he is becoming quite a beach boy.
Another dream of a net full of fish
not today not here anyway as he moves on.
A boat full of fishermen hoping for that big catch.

one man and his dog does not make any difference if the dog has a drop on the beach to add to the bottles babies disposable nappies etc

Me I have my own dreams .

Like taking a perfect underwater bubble picture,

and not one of my face from 2ft bellow the water.

Peach coloured Hibiscus, another colour to my collection on another one of my blogs

lots of jelly fish washed up on the beach ,plenty of dogs roaming on the beach
and crows everyhere there was rubbish

shrimpers casting their nets out

lots of these on the beach, what look like balls of fibre;
plenty of cans on the beach

just outside of the apartment block there is more wildlife
wasp and a mosquito
two flies one appears to be dead, its been cocooned by the tiny white spider,

wildlife even inside the apartment.for those with arachnophobia switch off now,

and a couple of bubbles taken in the Mediterranean sea

Gull-billed tern,Gelochelidan nilotica.
and bird no 78 I have photos of,
I have seen a few more that have eluded the camera. one being the the white-breasted kingfisher,
Klaus saw one on the sea breakers while swimming late this afternoon. I was asleep on the beach, drat;-
fishing and shrimping seems to be one of the leisure pastimes here in Alaxandria.
some do it for a living,
plenty of shells on the beach I was hoping to find one big enough to adorn one of my shelves in luxor.

floats and balls of what seem to be gauze these are all along the beach .
shells strange holes and stones
the holes are made by crabs , this crab was very fierce even though it was only the size of a fly
a 2 1/2 inch crab hole,

A piece of driftwood full of woodworm holes lying next to a crab hole,
this darter dragonfly also paid a visit to the edge of the beach, this was when i decided to head off the beach in search of some Nile water, I also wanted to go to the village outskirt to see about transport to the next port of call on my travel; Marsa Matru.

this was more of a walk than what I thought but I did see a bit of wildlife
plus lots of gas pipes,

a ruddy darter
I did see a yellow sulpher butterfly and several of these beauties

this was one of the smallest of dragonflies i have seen like a miniature blue darter.
the moon at 18.00

sunset on the beach

and if you are wondering what the building is,

here in Egypt some men make mosques in the sand as a boy I made sand castles'
this was my attempt at a sandcastle so decided to stick to getting that perfect underwater bubble
and two on the beach teasers

its nothing rude,
all that work catching a fish then finding and cleaning a bag to put it in and he leaves it on the beach,
i waited half an hour for him to come back for it.
before deciding to pick it up ,
sundown and the end of the day on the beach.
once back in the flat I gutted the fish descaled it and cooked it for my diner Klaus did not want any because of the smell from the guts I opened by mistake while cutting ;a foul smell filled the apartment..
I very much enjoyed the fish with brown bread .
I way overdid the walking yesterday I got up at six made a cup of tea then went back to bed a rose for the day at 1030, and today all I need do is get a decent photo of the yellow spider,WHAT A HARD LIFE I HAVE!!!

one hours walk in 6th october alexandria

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