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(The Citadel of Qaitbey) Alexandria, egypt, Fort Qaitbey

Fort Qaitbey (The Citadel of Qaitbey) Alexandria, Egypt

The island of Pharos was a major port having two huge harbors.

The Fort was built in the 1480's by Sultan Qaitbey,
File:Pharos of Alexandria1.jpgon the site of Alexandria's ancient lighthouse. Parts of the remains of the lighthouse can be seen in the construction of the old fort. One of the seven wonders of the ancient World, the lighthouse was an astonishing 125m in height with approximately three hundred rooms at the bottom for workers. Running through the center was a double spiral ascent and hydraulic machinery that raised fuel to the top. The lantern at the top of the lighthouse remains a mystery. Some say it contained a polished steel mirror that reflected light by day, and fire by night. Others say it was made of transparent glass. The lantern and the top two stories fell around 700 AD according to many reports, and the rest of the lighthouse was destroyed by an earthquake around 1100. In its place a Mosque was built, which was damaged by an earthquake in the 14th century.

The entrance of the mosque is through a gateway made of red Aswan granite. Located beside the mosque is a cistern that was used to store water in case of a siege.

what was the main entrance ,
tourists use the side entrance

Also located inside the fort is the Naval Museum which contains artifacts from the Roman and Napoleonic sea battles.

down on the waterline
looking across to the modern landmark . the Biblothea

1.pawlpawl - a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward
ratchet - mechanical device consisting of a toothed wheel or rack engaged with a pawl that permits it to move in only one direction. for instance a trembuchet would be fitted with a pawl.
I think what it means is, there once was a device in the fort to pour boiling liquid over any intruders attempting to force entry, Ie boiling oil would be poured through the hole above the main door entrance
the arrowed notice points to the hole above the main entrance.

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