Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Once the pomegranate was finished I had a full belly so the green orange will be for breakfast,


My last night in Alex and we went to a fish restaurant just outside the village,
,ordered the food by sight squid and shrimps bought by the weight then sent to the kitchen for cooking,

first we had sea food soup any normal person would have said that's enough for me;
in the soup there was pieces of squid prawns and half a crab/ all i will say it was yummy
then the main meal was served with metzas;-.tomato and cucumber,spiced chick peas, sliced beetroot,babaganu, tahina and tuhrsi, (mixed pickled veg) and fresh baked bread,
the squid now calamari was in a spicy tagine, and the prawns had been grilled,
not going to show what was left, nothing to show only a plate full of prawn heads and tails,
and thats it from alexandria, will be heading for Marsa Matru in the morning. masalama from Alexandria,

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