Tuesday, 30 November 2010

plants an things from my travels

Becoming a beach bum,

peach coloured hibiscus

morning glory

one of the plants on the beach


just off the tide line there was a lot of these small holes they varied in size from 1/2 inch to 2inches in circumference , could be crab?


high sand cliffs! no not really just a trick of the camera placed on the sand in the lower shot.


The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana)
last night Klaus and I went out for a chicken chicken spitroast. and had an eat in meal half a bbq fresh chicken each
with babaganou and humus with salad, you cannot beat fresh Egyptian food the way they use spices to bring out the flavours.
then today I went to the Carrefore superstore. Carrefore itself is a good cheap outlet much like the European stores. , and then there are the expensive clothing etc outlets surrounding it coffee shops with prices on a par with Paris etc. but there are plenty of rich people here that want and have to pay for brand names, like me buying pair of shorts for 240le when I find I can get exact same here in an outlet in 6th October for 40le.
spices by the bag or barrel full
a whole island of my favorite fruit;- Pomegranate,
mangos,figs and 5 varieties of dates,
get me out of here I had to really resist buying cheese, and the last photo in the store before a stern warning.
people who set out to spoil our day.
This government spends billions on advertising for people to come here on holiday or to invest in Egypt then once we (the foreigner) get here we are told by people doing their job no photo, what is wrong with taking a photo of a well laid out spice store in a huge supermarket like carrefore, just like this morning on the beach, no camera.no photo are there military weapons hidden in our food is my pomegranate really a hand grenade. is the cheese some kind of plastic explosive are the shells on the beach really shells.

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